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Founded in 2020 by Precca Doll.

Precca Franchelle is a spiritual girl from Aurora, Colorado.

Growing up in foster care created an emotional void that she later learned to fill by practicing self love and teaching women how to strengthen the MIND BODY SOUL. Her career with women started as a personal trainer at 24 hour fitness. After two years she started taking clients and went on working as a weight loss coach and as in home personal trainer for women. Her passion for fitness took on a whole new path and her plans to move to California became her reality where she managed a health and wellness store in Santa Monica.

Precca's goal is to inspire million of women worldwide. She Teaches them to look beneath the surface and to get in tune with their mind body and soul. Her mission is to prove that you can create a healthy positive life all by yourself, no matter where you came from or what you’ve been through.


I grew up in foster care my parents gave me away when I was three as a child I grew up not really loving myself I felt very left out and unloved I felt self concious because the foster parents didn’t really teach me how to take care of myself or provide me with the good clothes. I didn’t always feel beautiful I sometimes felt out of place and unloved ,for me fashion makes me feel alive it makes me feel beautiful. The love for fashion helped me feel the void of my parents leaving and taught me to love myself . I believe all girls are dolls and beautiful princesses. This line to me is more than just fashion it’s how I grew into loving myself. I hope every package is received with love and I pray everyday you feel loved admired and beautiful because you are. I send these products with nothing but love I wish you all the best my dollface.

- Precca Franchelle